Friday, July 6, 2007

Summer Plans

I guess I should check in with an introduction as well. We got in on Tuesday night, the 26th, and spent the rest of that week and weekend unpacking. I started going to my summer job the following Monday. Steven and Courtney showed up late (3:00 AM) Tuesday night with the truck, which they had driven down from Chicago for us. The following night we discovered that Lauren Sailor was also in New Orleans on her bike ride across the country (there's a photo of her in one of her cohort's blogs). Nora showed Steven and Courtney around the city, and we had Lauren over for dinner a few nights later. Now that they are all on their respective ways again, we're starting to settle in to our normal routines.

I'm going to work every day. My program doesn't actually start until Fall Semester at the end of August, but I was offered a job for the summer. I was getting tired of my job in Chicago and really wanted to feel like I was starting graduate school, so I took them up on it. I'm working in Wayne Reed's lab in the Physics Department. The lab works on polymer physics. I'm just finishing up with our introductory teaching experiment on Zimm plots. My project for the summer is to learn about a new detector we just acquired. It relies on Mie Scattering (as opposed to the usual Raleigh Scattering that we use), and usually gets used as a black-box device. I'm supposed to work with it, and see if we can't figure out better how it works.


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