Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Friday Catblogging: Mid-week, ladder edition

Nora apologizes for me being a loser and not blogging enough recently. She is far too busy at the moment with exams. But we present a cat-based episode from earlier this evening.

We had an "incident" with the smoke detector. The battery was running low, so I climbed up the ladder to unplug it so it would stop beeping at us until we got new batteries for it. When I unplugged it from the wall, it started screeching very loudly and at a high pitch. All three cats stared at us and started meowing as if we had caught some exotic high-pitched bird. Eventually we figured out how to get the battery out, and it finally shut up.

But the cats had to examine and climb all over the ladder before we could put it away. Tony in particular wanted to examine the new hole in the ceiling, thinking the bird lived there.

Oprah enjoyed the chance to use her awesome climbing skills to climb up and down the ladder repeatedly.

Hodag just stared at Tony and Oprah as if they were idiots. He seems to have gotten used to his humans doing weird and stupid things, so he did not expect to find anything interesting in the ladder.

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