Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Cat Blogging

I know that we've been quiet lately, and in particular have not had Friday Cat Blogging in a long time. Today is more of a reflection than a showing of cute cat photos. I'm sorry.

Last night, Tony came up onto the bed with us just after I laid down. He settled onto my pillow, and flopped over, leaning his body on my head. He's been doing all of this recently, except he usually chooses Nora's pillow (and her head is usually further down the pillow so he doesn't actually touch her). This is a reflection of an enormous amount of trust we've built up with him in the past year. When he first came home, he was so scared that he would hide in the closet in the office, and only come out to explore when no one else was in that room. Now he initiates affection with us, sleeps in the bed with us, and sometimes even drapes himself across our chests.

Tony was so much worse when he came home than any of the other cats, so the change is more radical with him. But the others have all shown this to some extent as well. Okra was sick when she came home, so she didn't really like interaction until she got well enough to actually eat. She still doesn't shower us with quite the affection that Tony does, but she's very kitten-like still, bounces around the house continuously, and has slept in the bed with us (even under the blanket). Wally and Marty still mostly hide under the bed, but that's because Tony doesn't really like them. They show us lots of affection, and Wally often sleeps at the foot of the bed (Marty is just now starting to do that as well). Hodag has settled into a more quiet show of affection. When we first got him, he would wake me up at sunrise by pouncing on my toes through the blanket. He would also follow me up and down the hall when I would work on homework late at night.

I've been thinking about this the past few days because of Tony. It's very humbling, because they all show us nearly unconditional love, and I don't really feel like I've done anything to deserve it. And yet somehow, they seem to think I have.

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