Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Campus Tour (1)

Tulane doesn't subjectively feel significantly larger or smaller of a campus than the University of Chicago. But there are two things that are different about this campus, that I can see just from obvious features:
  1. Tulane's a Division I school.

  2. They have ROTC here.

For the first point, we look at the prominence of the athletic facilities (we hope to come back to that sometime during football season, hopefully after our humiliating defeat at the hands of LSU). There are two signs of the ROTC presence that are visible to me on a daily basis. One is that the Navy recruiter has left business cards and informational flyers on several bulliten boards on my hallway. The other is that the Physics department is across the street from the Navy building:

This cannon sits in front of the Navy ROTC building, and it's aimed at a point approximately twenty feet below my desk. The gun is dedicated to "World War II members of the Tulane NROTC."

There's a flagpole directly behind the cannon, flying two flags: the official US flag, and my favorite currently-flown US flag.


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