Friday, September 28, 2007

Friday Cat Blogging

It appears that one of Kevin Drum's cats has the same issue that Hodag does: he will only drink water out of a people glass (actually, reading the comments, it appears many people have this problem. In honor of this, we present Hodag eating for this week's Friday Cat Blogging:

Here, Hodag is eating out of his bowl. I bought that bowl for him with the idea that we could use the second, smaller bowl for water. He refuses to drink water out of it. When we were moving down here, we had to purchase a coffee mug on the way so we could feed him water. Back at Moomers, there was one incident in which we forgot to refill Hodag's water cup. He got so thirsty that he knocked over the cup full of water that was on Steven's window sill. Said cup of water went right onto Steven, who was sleeping on his bed, immediately under the window sill.



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