Friday, May 16, 2008

Future? (or how to make your summer break stressful)

So, I am officially done with my second semester of graduate school, yay! I resume classes in the summer semester from June 2nd to August 1st. I will be taking the required classes to allow me to get my master's degree. These classes are Environmental Health, Health Systems Management and Social and Behavioral Aspects of Public Health. These are your typical basic classes in some of the major departments of Public Health. (I have already taken basic Epidemiology and basic Biostatistics). When I complete these classes I will only have one more required class to graduate, and of course some sort of thesis.

Oh, right, a thesis. Crap, I guess I should figure out what I want to write it on. And, while I am at it I might as well figure out what my PHD is going to be on and in which department exactly I want to get be in for the PHD process. And, now that it looks like Colin and I will be here through his PHD, I guess I should also find us a house to live in while all that happens. Dang, there goes my relaxing summer vacation.

We will also be doing fun things this summer, we have three(!) weddings in which our friends are getting married. Also, hopefully, several of our friends will also be visiting us here in New Orleans. If we are really lucky we also hope to have Sean, Colin's younger brother out here to do some public service and work on houses for habitat for humanity.

More on all of these events/decisions as they are figured out.


Anonymous Jeremy Dawes said...

Its eventually better that we spent our summer break in the weddings in which our friends are getting married. Moreover, several of our friends will also be visiting us at our place and also spent loads of time with us.

May 17, 2008 at 8:06 AM  

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