Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jazz Fest

We were able to take a day away from our studying and attend a premiere New Orleans event, Jazz Fest. We went on Saturday and had a lovely time. Saturday morning it was pouring rain and actually had a tornado warning. Colin and I were undeterred by the foul weather, and set off in a drizzle to bicycle to the New Orleans Fairgrounds, a little over a four mile trip (each way) from our house. The rain had actually stopped by the time we arrived, and the sun came out soon after. The fair grounds were muddy and full of standing puddles, but the weather was quite lovely.

Here is a list of the artists we saw:
Lillian Boute (jazz singer)
Pine Leaf Boys (Zydeco band)
Dirty dozen brass band (Brass and Jazz)
Ruthie Foster (Blues singer)
Bobby McFerrin and Chick Corea (improvisational jazz and Bebop)
Irvin Mayfeild and the New Orleans Jazz Orchestra (full orchestral jazz)

In addition to great music, Jazz Fest also has incredible food. Colin and I had lunch and dinner plus a snack at the festival, so we were able to sample as much as possible of the cuisine. I think our favorite dishes were the duck po-boy, the cochon de lait po-boy and the pheasant, quail, and andouille gumbo.

Entrance to Jazz fest at 11 am, notice the rainy conditions.
New Orleans Jazz Orchestra

Beautiful weather later, we actually are using our umbrella here for shade.

Evidence of muddy conditions on the fairgrounds



Anonymous kpm said...

Duck po-boy? WT effing F. You win.

May 6, 2008 at 10:20 AM  

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