Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging

This week: MIKE THE TIGER! LIVE!! IN PERSON!!! Well, for us, at least. Not for the rest of you.

We took a trip out to Cajun Country during spring break. The last stop on the way back to New Orleans was Baton Rouge and the flagship campus of the 2007 National Champion Louisiana State University Fighting Tigers. Their mascot is an actual live tiger that lives in an enclosure immediately next to the football stadium right in the middle of campus.

As you can see, they have two sets of fences running around the enclosure. We were able to get about 10 feet from him for Nora to take this photo.
A few minutes later, he decided, like a good cat, that he needed to lick himself.

And remember, kids: he's still a kitten. This is Mike VI, and he was just introduced at the beginning of this past football season. He was a rescue, donated by a facility in Indiana. Mike currently weighs about 300 pounds, and promises to be the heaviest Mike the Tiger ever: they anticipate that he will weigh 650-700 pounds when he is fully grown. His caretakers are students at LSU's vet school, and are appointed to two-year terms.



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