Thursday, September 4, 2008

Evacuation photos

We evacuated to Texas on Sunday morning. We took route 10 to Baton rouge, then route 49 to Shreveport and finally route 20 to Fort Worth. The drive itself was not too bad, we were lucky to have Mame and the cats for company.

The cats were real troopers. They mostly slept all day, with occasional bouts of meowing and activity. Later on, Hodag got more active. (I think the lights visible from the freeway excited him.)

Hodag checks out the lights shining onto the freeway from a Texas Wallmart.

Mame, Colin and I made it to the Texas border! Amusingly, almost all of the license plates of the vehicles in the border rest stop were Louisiana plates. Also present were stickers for the radio stations WWNO and WWOZ , as well as from colleges such as Xavier and Loyola.

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