Thursday, August 28, 2008


Classes for the fall 2008 semester started yesterday. despite the official start of school, I feel woefully unprepared for classes. I am feeling pretty exhausted from the move and the strain of establishing a new house. I don't really feel capable of learning when I am still hunting for clean underwear among boxes every morning. Also, I have yet to find most of my school supplies, so that is also adding to my feeling of unpreparedness.

I am planning on taking fewer classes this semester, so I can spend any extra time establishing the new house and applying to graduate school for my PHD. Classes I am taking this semester are:

Epidemiologic methods II
Wednesday afternoons, 2:30-5:15

Intermediate biostatistics,
Wednesday and Friday 1:00-2:15

Infectious disease outbreak epidemiology,
Tuesday and Thursday 10:30- 11:45

Parasitology seminar,
Monday 10:00-11:45

Hopefully this light load (only 10 hours of classes) will let me continue to be useful in repairing and organizing the house.


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