Friday, November 21, 2008

Igor and Kathrine

A few weeks ago, Igor and Kathrine came and visited us. We were very excited to see them, although somewhat sad that the Fallacy never made its trip down the Mississippi carrying them. Anyway, we were really pleased to have company, and Colin and I spent the whole week they were here eating too much wonderful food and listening to live music. We did our best to show them all the cool things in New Orleans, although we did not even scratch the surface of what to do in this town. Here is a picture slide show of some of the things we did:

As it was Igors 25th birthday, his father flew down to visit him and treated us all to several delicious meals. This is a photo of Igor, Papa Igor, and Kathrine, outside of Jaques Imo restaurant.

Here is Igor, at Igors lounge, a bar on St. Charles ave. The bar also turned 25 this year. Igor and Kathrine were amazed that this bar existed, and that it offered laundry facilities. (No joke!)

This next set of photos is from City Park in New Orleans, which as you can see has the most amazing trees, as well as awesome lion statues.

It was so awesome having people come down and visit us. We are always glad for company, and our new house has plenty of extra room for visitors. Also, we have a huge tree suitable for hammock hanging, which Igor and Kathrine took advantage of during their stay. Remember people, Mardi Gras is February 24th this year, there is still time for you to make reservations and ask to stay at our house!


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