Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday cat blogging

This week we feature a cat we met while purchasing a piece of furniture in River Ridge. Colin and I finally bought ourselves a china cabinet, a furniture piece that we have needed ever since we moved into the new house. We found a lovely two piece set on craigslist and had arranged with the owner to drive over and pick it up at his home in River Ridge. When we arrived at the seller's house, we saw an adolescent male cat in the bushes. The cat ran out of said bushes as soon as he saw us, and was very friendly and snugly. When the seller answered the door, we asked him if this was his cat. He replied, "Who, Lagniappe? He kinda belongs to the whole neighborhood." Colin and I thought this was particularly apt, because of the meaning of the word Lagniappe. The term is thrown around quite a lot in New Orleans; for instance, the Times-Picayune calls its Friday extra section Lagniappe.

Colin's leg gets a little "something extra."

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