Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Start of the school year

Hey all, I just thought I would let you know how my first week of classes has been going, and what my life has been like as a newly minted PHD student. First of all here are is my class schedule for this semester:

Epidemiology Department Seminar 12:00-1:00

Tuesday / Thursday:
Categorical Data Analysis 9:00-10:15

Field Methods, Project Monitoring and Evaluation 10:00- 12:00
Observational Epidemiology 1:00-3:45
Healthcare of Women 4:00-5:40

Field Methods, Project Monitoring and Evaluation 10:00- 12:00

As a PHD student I also have other official duties besides taking classes. This semester I will be TA-ing for Introduction to Epidemiology. This means I will be grading homework and quizzes and holding office hours from 5:00-6:00 on Monday evenings. My studies are being funded through a brand new grant given to Tulane called Training in Global Reproductive Epidemiology (TIGRE) grant. You can investigate what that entails here. My specific area of research under TIGRE is to examine the effect of Dengue virus infection in pregnant women and children. So, starting this semester, and continuing through-out my PHD program, I will be conducting research looking at the health impact of Dengue on these groups.

Most excitingly, I also get my very own corner in the Epidemiology fellows office. This is my first official office, and I plan on sprucing it up with a houseplant and other swag. I will post a picture next week of my official work area once I finish decorating it.

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Blogger Karissa said...

If you ever want to grab lunch either at TDW or my swanky office at 1010 Common, let me know. No one leaves my office for lunch. It's depressing. I need to venture out! I need lunch friends! - Karissa

August 29, 2009 at 8:19 PM  

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