Friday, October 16, 2009

Campus cats

Monday afternoons I run a TA session for Epidemiology 101. The TA session is on the uptown campus, because this particular class has a fair number of undergraduates who are public health majors. Since undergraduates spend most of their time uptown (even those who are public health majors, and take some classes downtown with me) that is where the TA session is. This does not particularly bother me, since we live right next to the uptown campus, and it gives me a chance to walk through the Tulane campus quads during the lovely early evening hours. Often on my walk to the TA session, I get a chance to see some of the fabled uptown campus cats.

Here were some beauties I spotted recently:

This fellow was staked out under this tree waiting for the squirrel above him to have a mishap.

While this group of feral cats were waiting to be fed their daily meal.
In exchange for this meal they help to keep the rat and mouse population down.

This is about how close any of them will let you get before they realize
you are not their evening meal ticket.


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