Thursday, October 25, 2007

videos of New Orleans neighborhoods

Louisiana rebuilds is a website that was created after Katrina and Rita to help people in Louisiana, and in New Orleans especially, to rebuild their lives. Lots of valuable information can be found on this website, and they advertise new information every day on the "Louisiana rebuilds minute" on WHNO (our local NPR affiliate) at six in the morning and six at night. Today, the announcement mentioned that they just posted videos detailing how different neighborhoods in Louisiana look and function at this point in time. I thought those of you who are wondering how New Orleans really looks would like to see them. I should mention that the video on Uptown, our neighborhood mentions that this part of town is nearly 100% back to what it was. I have to disagree with that. Although we are clearly the most recovered part of New Orleans, I still see signs left over from the hurricane somewhat frequently. For example, the lack of food stores and small businesses. But, I still think the videos give a good vibe for what it feels like in different parts of New Orleans. Head on over if you are interested.


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