Friday, October 12, 2007

Grad School is Hard, Let's Go Shopping

I have a problem set due every Friday in Math Methods. I know this. Yet, somehow, I still struggle to get everything together to actually do it on time. My latest frustration is the one that was due this morning. At Nora's insistence, I kept at it last night until I couldn't do anymore of it. Not because I was tired, but because I honestly could not figure out how to do the two remaining problems on it. Then I got to campus this morning, and mentioned those problems to Ilan. He said, "I didn't have too much trouble on those ones; I just this." And it turns out they were really simple. Colin smacks his forehead. It would have been just fine if only I could learn how to manage my time better. Being out of school for two years has not been kind to my (already crappy) time-management skills.

End rant. Begin long weekend of preparing for two exams, grading papers, and getting the truck fixed. And hopefully having something actually interesting to say.


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