Sunday, October 7, 2007

Graduate Physics According to xkcd

I was wasting time reading xkcd when I came across the centrifuge comic. I realized that this is a better method of labeling my class notebooks than simply writing the name of the class on the cover. Hence, my current classes:
  • Mechanics -- we just finished non-inertial frames, and the current homework (mostly Lagrangians) requires a non-inertial frams as a alternate solution on one problem

  • Math Methods -- there are others that were appropriate, but I found this one first. We didn't really spend any times on vector arithmetic per se, but it's close enough

  • Solid State -- suggestions welcome

Future classes:

EDIT: I dislike the way Blogger handles the timestamp on draft posts. Apologies to anyone reading this via the feed; you might have this post listed thrice.


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