Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday cat blogging, neighborhood cats edition

It turns out New Orleans has a lot of neighborhood cats. For cats who belong to people, the cats rise and go outside for the day at around seven, and come bach home at around four or five at night. These are the times I am riding my bike to and from school, so I see a lot of cats in their yards starting our ending their days. Of course there are also lots and lots of feral cats who were born after Katrina who run under houses whenever you get too close. The feral cat population reminds me a lot of the cats I see in Kauai, the warm climate means lots of kittens every spring and plenty of mice and bugs to eat. Here is a sampling of some cats I see to and from school, some are domestic, some are feral:

Cat resting on the walkway of a home near campus.

Mr. Felix, a cat who lives just down the street.

A semi feral cat, this is the closest he would let me get.

this cat had amazing markings.

This cat lives at the same address of the one above, but was shy and would not leave the bushes.

Two black cats, probably siblings, guarding their driveway.


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