Monday, December 10, 2007

Public Radio

This is a plug for our local public radio affiliate, WWNO. Besides the usual NPR news lineup, they play a lot of classical and jazz music. Nearly every other station we get plays primarily country, and we really haven't found any other radio stations down here that we like. So we listen to a lot of NPR. The full lineup is actually pretty good for us, because we can listen to the news while we're getting ready to leave in the morning and while we're making dinner, and we can listen to classical music while doing homework at night. One show we've discovered is American Routes, which is a local show about American folk music traditions. They play a lot of Zydeco. American Routes on during dinner on Sunday nights for us. I've discovered that it's also on in Chicago, but in a timeslot during which we never had the radio on at Moomers.

WWNO has recently switched over to an HD broadcast, so they now have two channels: WWNO and WWNO2. The receiver/amplifier/speaker system we have in the living room is all analog, so we can't get WWNO2 in the living room; we can only get the original broadcast over WWNO. Both channels are webcast, so we can get either at our computers in the office. Both channels carry all the NPR news shows; when WWNO has its general classical/jazz periods of the day, they put the classical music on WWNO and the jazz on WWNO2. Which is nice, because we can pick what we listen to while we study.

Obviously, we invite anyone who is interested to pick up the web feeds.


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