Saturday, February 23, 2008


Ever wonder what you would look like if you were bald?

I have. Its one of those things that occasionally you think about, like "I wonder if I have a funny shaped head under this stuff?" Well, I will be finding out soon, since I am shaving my head on March 12th. I am participating in a St. Baldricks day event, where 'shavees' get sheared in support of childhood cancer research and to show solidarity with survivors of childhood cancers. The idea is both to raise money for, and awareness of, childhood cancers.

I know that most of the people who read this website are poor graduate students, but I am gonna ask each of you for a couple of bucks for the entertainment value of seeing me bald. The link above shows me with my current hair length, and I will be posting photos to that site of me once I have been balded. One of my friends down here in New Orleans swears she won't give me a dime unless my head is utterly bald, and waxed. So those 'bald' photos are going to make me look like Mr. Clean, high entertainment value I promise.


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