Tuesday, February 26, 2008

the Return of Tuesday Bike Blogging

Some of you may remember Tuesday Bike Blogging from my old blog. I've been meaning to ressurect it for some time now, but kept putting off for one reason or another. Well, no more procrastinating. Tuesday Bike Blogging returns today.

I took this photo with Nora's camera on Mardi Gras, after we had returned home from Zulu. The door behind my bike is the front door of our house. Those are Mardi Gras beads decorating the bike. I had hoped to decorate the bike earlier that weekend, and ride it like that to some parades. But we had bike troubles, and were unable to ride our bikes to many parades.

And yes, my bike is still wearing all those beads, save one string that fell off while I was riding to campus one morning.



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