Sunday, May 25, 2008

Techno impared!

Help! I am techno impared!
First I washed my cell phone (on soak no less) and put it in the dryer. My zealous attempts to prevent strawberry stains on our market bag cost me my phone and all the numbers that had been stored on it. (If you want me to have your number, email me or call me, please.)
Then I sent my computer off to a repair company to replace the screen. Sometime last October I managed to step directly onto my laptop screen and crack it. I was waiting for a suitable time to send it off for repairs, and summer break seemed an opportune time. Until my computer comes back I am forced to blog on Colin's ancient computer which has the annoying habit of taking forever to do anything. I am afraid that my blogging capabilities will be severely reduced until I get my computer back. I have several posts I wish to do, but I require my computer to download and post photos. In the meantime be patient with us during our technical difficulties.


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