Thursday, December 11, 2008


Let me say that again: SNOW!!! Yes, it snowed this morning. In New Orleans.

Nora had to fetch the van from the shop in Jefferson (DON'T ASK -- it is a long tale of woe). The folks at the shop were about to close for the day when Nora showed up. They were so impressed with her for showing up that they gave her a free t-shirt.

The shop is on a road called Shrewsbury. This is the bar at the corner where Shrewsbury runs into the river. You can even see the river levee covered in a thin layer of snow.

Meanwhile, back at home, Trucky says, "This is not what I signed up for. I thought I was getting a nice retirement in a warm climate. I thought you people were done torturing me with the snow. Sigh."

After returning home safely, Nora braved the snow again to get some photos from the neighborhood. This is a Sno Ball shop somewhere near us (Plum St Snowball maybe? That's pretty near us).

Nora also got a nice photo of the streetcar on Carrollton.

I biked to campus through the worst of the storm, which was fantastic. Would you believe that in six years in Chicago, not once did I bicycle in the snow? Well I got to this morning. But before I left, I took a photo of our newly planted cypress tree, Tirza, and the rest of the front yard.

When I got to campus, this was the view outside my office window. I'm on the fifth floor, so I get to see the tops of all the trees.



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