Friday, June 13, 2008


I bet you are thinking that since I am a public health expert I am going to start talking about the multi state Salmonella outbreak involving tomatoes. That I am going to bemoan a public health network that allows contaminated tomatoes to be eaten in 23 states of our fair country. Actually, I am going to talk about Creole Tomatoes, the local Louisiana tomato breed. They are ripe beginning in May and are abundant until the fall (unless summer temperatures are too high, which wilts the tomatoes). Colin and I enjoyed many a Creole tomato last summer, and are glad that the season for them has come around again. We get all our Creoles from the Tuesday morning farmers market, where several different farmers sell their tomato crop. They are delicious in salads, (especially as Insalata Caprese) in tomato sauces and in any other recipe that requires tomatoes.

This weekend the French Market is reopening in New Orleans, and THREE festivals are happening in the French Quarter to celebrate. The Creole tomato festival, the Louisiana Seafood Festival, and the Cajun Zydeco Music Festival. Colin and I are going to go and purchase some of the delicious, red, ripe tomatoes for sale while listening to Cajun and Zydeco music. We will be supporting local farmers, local Acadian culture, and best of all, not getting Salmonella.

In case you want the Creole stats for ordering seeds:
Creole (L134) - Breeder: Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. Vendor: Reuters Seed Co. Parentage: Jefferson, Red Global, L145, Hotset. Characteristics: fruit set under warm humid conditions. Resistance: fusarium wilt race 1, alternaria stem canker, cracking. Similar: Floralou. Adaptation: southern United States. LSU Hort. Res. Circ. 54. 1970.



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