Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tuesday Bike Blogging

Sigh. Another flat tire today. This one was really inconvienient. I was taking extra time for lunch to run to the Farmer's Market, and the flat happened on the way to the market. I had to walk the bike to the market and back, and get a ride home from Nora.

I added baskets to the bike because I was tired of awkwardly carrying a shoulder bag full of produce home from the market. So now I can carry all this food easily (when the tires cooperate at least). The front basket was a birthday gift to myself. I was also going to get a rear basket at the time, but the people at the store recommended that I bring the bike in for that. I didn't have the bike with me because I was also fixing a tire that day. I left without a rear basket. But a month later, I found a rear basket on the road while taking a different way home. I brought it home on the off-chance that it would be the proper style for my bike. It works perfectly. You can see both baskets in the photo:

The rear basket is not ideal, as it is somewhat heavy and doesn't fold up. But it works, and the price was right.

Also, in this week's New Orleans bike news, the Times Picayune had an article on Monday about bicycling in the city. They got good quotes from people from all over the city, including Richard Campanella, who commutes from Bywater to Tulane every day (14 mile round trip). I was excited to see him in there, because we own two (very gorgeous) New Orleans geography books that he's written.



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