Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Anniversary

It was one year ago today, as best we can remember, that we arrived for good in New Orleans. To mark the day, a few photos from the archives:

Nora was defeated by the first day's driving, and collapsed onto the motel bed:

This is Hodag, investigating his new street. We arrived in the middle of an enourmous rainstorm. Fortunately, it let up just enough (and just long enough) for us to get the mattress, ourselves, and Hodag inside.

Our mattress ended up in the living room for the first few days. We were so tired when we finally got here, and the only thing we could manage to get into the house that first night was the mattress. We spent the first few nights on the bare mattress in that exact spot.

The power was really flaky last summer. We later discovered that that was due to a bad connection at the breaker box; the problem has since been fixed. We were warned not to stress the power too much (specifically, by not turning on all the AC units at once). The power was particularly unreliable during storms. The first thing we did when we arrived was to turn on the AC unit in the living room to air it out a bit. After it had been on for about 30 minutes, the power went out. At that point, we just decided to go to bed without power.

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