Thursday, July 24, 2008

Wedding, part II

Last weekend (July 21st) Colin and I flew to Boston to see the wedding of my high school buddy Lauren. We had another awesome time, and I got to party and chat with my friends from Maret. The wedding was really beautiful, and did a nice job of incorporating elements from Dan's Christan background without ruining the Jewish tone of the wedding. This can be difficult, as Colin and I know. Their rabbi was awesome, and we spent some time talking to her about the difficulties of crafting a wedding which has elements of multiple faiths. Lauren and Dan also

Anyway, Lauren looked lovely. She did the whole princess thing, and had a cool tiara. Dan looked quite nice, and I appreciated his decision to not try and tame his normally spiky hairdo. My friends from high school looked stylish in their Black tie attire, and we had a wonderful time dancing and talking the night away. Colin and I decided that we need to rent a beach house on the gulf coast and invite them all down to spend the week with us and catch up on everything we have done since high school.

We really enjoyed being in Boston, the day of the wedding we were able to walk part of the freedom trail and go to a puritan grave yard and see some macabre gravestones. Colin, myself and Mike, a friend from college wandered all around the edges of Boston, looking at the harbor, the graveyard, and wandering into Little Italy.

if you want to see photos of us at this wedding, click here.

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