Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday cat blogging, Politics addition!

Now, I know that I swore I would never mention politics on this blog (because I feel that far to many people use their blogs as their own little HTML soapbox), but I have to mention politics just this one time. Today I conducted a little experiment, the results of which you can see in photo format below. I decided to determine if our cats were democrats or republicans. Therefore I placed in front of them a stimuli that could be interpreted as positive or negative, depending on your political affiliation. The chosen stimulus was 'Lefty' a beanie baby in the shape of a donkey.

I tested Annie and Hodag with this stimulus to determine their political leanings.

As you can see, Annie at first investigated the stimulus, and then promptly got up and left it. She remained uninterested in the stimulus despite repeated presentations.
Conclusion: Annie is a Republican.

Now we see Hodag's response to the stimulus. He investigated it and then proceeded to mark it, a universal sign of cat affection. Conclusion: Hodag is a Democrat.

Oh, also as Kevin Drum reports the Hemmingway cats have resumed their rightful place on Hemingway's property in the Florida Keys.

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