Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Cat Blogging: Finals Edition

Because of finals, we almost forgot about Friday cat blogging. This week I present a new spin on a relatively regular occurance. I often make tuna noodle casserole. Both cats, it turns out, love to drink the tuna water. It's just like Calvin and Hobbes: they hear me opening the tuna can, and come trotting in expecting a treat.

Annie is usually more strategically located when this happens, so she gets the tuna water first. This time, however, Hodag was lucky, clever, and bold. I was collecting all the tuna water together in a bowl, and then was going to set it on the ground for the cats, but Hodag jumped up onto the counter to start drinking his fill:

Annie was stuck on the ground, to frail to jump that high. She looked very indignant, seeming to say, "Meep! Why must I be so frail? Hodag, you cheated."

But not to worry; Annie did get her tuna water in the end.

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