Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging: Circle of Life Edition

My apologies for our recent quiet. Nora has been in California on a road trip with her mother, and I've been busy taking finals. She left me a post to put up, but I've been lazy. To make up for that, there are extra pictures of Hodag this week, along with other creatures. It's the Circle of Life, New Orleans-style.

Hodag protects us from the bugs, dogs, and other dangerous creatures. For example, here he is protecting me Tuesday night while Nora is away and can't protect me:

The house protects Hodag from the rain. It rained once this week, and not very much. But I can promise you that the house protects Hodag even when it really rains. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo to show this.

Finally, Nora and I protect the house from the bugs. In this case, the termites. Hodag isn't all that interested in chasing termites, so it falls to us to deal with them. He does, however, like to sniff the termite carcasses after the humans have killed them:

All those termites carcasses are my handiwork. I'm so useful! There was quite a swarm that night. I was working in the office when it hit. Even closing the windows didn't help, as some of the windows don't fully seal, so they are able to sneak in through the cracks. I had to turn off the ceiling light and close all the blinds in order to get them to leave that room alone. Then I could finally kill them all.

The termites that swarm, of course, aren't the ones that eat your house. The real way in which the humans protect the house is that we've been planning to get one more termite treatment for a few months. We finally made the appointment about a week ago, and the guy came yesterday. He found some wood and other termite-food debris under the house, and left it in a "small" pile in the back yard. The wood had some termite damage on it, which he identified as Formosan, the worst kind of termite (and the species that was swarming).

Now, when I say "small," I actually mean exactly enough wood and crap to fill our trash can.

Fortunately, tomorrow is trash day, and we don't have any other trash this week.

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