Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday cat blogging, Halloween edition

Meet Oprah, one of the newest cats at ARNO, and the perfect feline to feature in this Halloween edition of Friday cat blogging. A few weeks ago, a local veterinary office called ARNO to ask us for a special favor. They were calling on behalf of Heaven's Pets , a local pet cemetery. Apparently, Heaven's pets found itself in an unusual situation, they had a live pet on their hands. Oprah was found, undernourished and ill, wandering the grounds of the pet cemetery and crematorium. The cemetery staff had managed to catch her and bring her to the vet, and after she was given some food and fluids, the cemetery staff and veterinary staff decided that they would ask ARNO to take her in. Since Heaven's pets cremates any animal who dies in our animal shelter for free, we were more than happy to oblige them and take little Oprah under our wing. Not only was Oprah found in a pet cemetery, in October, but she is also all black with orange eyes. She would be downright creepy if she were not so tiny and adorable. Oprah was still a little weak when we got her, and so I brought her home to live with us for a while and get extra feedings and special attention. In the week that she has been with us, she has gained weight and strength, and seems much perkier. I guess that when you start off in a cemetery, there is really nowhere to go but up.

Oprah, when she first arrived at our house.

Oprah at our pumpkin carving party on Monday night.


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