Friday, November 13, 2009

Tulane vs LSU

On Halloween night, Colin and I enjoyed one of America's great national pastimes, cheering for the loosing side at football game . The annual LSU Tulane football game was especially bittersweet this year, as it was probably the last time ever that these two teams will play each other. Although both are division one football teams, LSU has for the past few decades so far outclassedTulane that the game was becoming predictable, and, quite possibly, dangerous for Tulane players. Colin and had a great time. We had never been to an LSU game, which is a rite of passage here in Louisiana. Colin and I were really excited because the game was at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge, which meant that the mascot of LSU, Mike (VI) would be at the game.

Despite the fact that Tulane lost to LSU 42-0, they actually made some impressive plays.For instance, there were several under 150 pound guys from Tulane who were really good at tackling the larger LSU players by diving at their feet and hanging on for dear life.
The famous LSU Tigerland Marching band.
The LSU cheerleaders on top of the cart that carries Mike the tiger around the Tiger Stadium.
An up close picture of Mike in his cart. He is larger then when we last saw him, and in his adolescence. Apparently , now that he is older, he is a bit more reticent to get into his cart. I do not blame him, since I wouldn't want a bunch of undergrads standing on top me.
Official photos of Mike (VI), from his website. He sure is a handsome cat.

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