Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging

Pop quiz: How many cats are there in the photo below?

Answer: Two

Annie is actually cuddling up to Hodag who is hiding on the other side of the blanket. This is a new trick Hodag has learned since we returned from vacation. If I am in the bed under the covers, he will jump up on the bed and dig at the edge of the covers until I let him in. Then I sit with my knees bent so he can curl up in the space between my thighs and my feet. On this particular day, Annie decided that she should curl up on my feet for warmth as well. We do not know whether either cat was really aware of the others presence.

Since you cannot see both cats in the photo above, as a bonus this week we will also feature pictures of each cat individually.

Annie, sleeping on my feet again. This was a particularly cold weekend, and both cats wanted to snuggle me for warmth.

Here is Hodag enjoying the arrival of a box which arrived with a Hanukkah gift. Hodag, like most cats, really likes curling up in boxes. He also enjoys hiding in boxes and leaping out dramatically to attack my ankles.


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