Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging

This week we have some Mardi Gras cat photos for all of you out there in internet-land. First up is Annie, looking glamorous with her fabulous Muses beads which match her lovely golden eyes.

Next we have Hodag, featured here in an Endymion throw bag. Throw bags are the reusable plastic bags which hold all of a krewe members loot on a float. Once the bag has been emptied it is thrown over the side of the float where parade goers inevitably retrieve it. Although it is not clear in this photo, the bag has the Endymion logo on it, and a tag which lists the contents in dozens of beads. (And you just thought it contained an alley cat!)

Finally, as a special bonus this week, we feature the adorable little snake I found while cleaning up some leaves on Mardi Gras day. I was raking away when I overturned what I thought was a small plastic snake toy.

Isn't he cute? He was a bit nervous in the Tupperware, but he perked right up when returned to the backyard near some mulch debris.

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